Finally, a light at the end of the tunnel as things start to open up again! It's time to get your vaccine and start going out again! Grab your favorite dresses and your cutest (least comfortable) heels because it's time to go out!

1. The Monique dress is the perfect fit for your first outing back at all the bars and clubs. It is a tight bodycon dress with sparkles all over. The straps cross in the back for a sexier look. 

Products featured: Monique Dress

2. The Naomi Plunge dress is the perfect dress for a cute date night with your significant other! Its a tight bodycon dress with a v-neck plunge to show off that cleavage 😉 It's sleeves are long and made out of a mesh material with sequins on it! The end of the sleeves have feathers that wrap around your wrist.

Products Featured: Naomi Plunge Bodycon Dress


3. The Marian dress gives a very classic look. This dress is perfect to wear to brunch! The straps on this dress are detachable so you can leave as is, criss cross them, or even take them off completely. 

Products Featured: Marian Dress


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