Strapless Fashion Hack

Okay, so I always have this problem that I never have a strapless bra when I am wearing a strapless shirt. Anybody else??? Well, we decided to find a solution. So here’s how to wear a strapless top with a regular bra. Not only is it handy when you don’t have a strapless bra, but it feels way more secure than a strapless bra ever does.

Step 1: First you are going to take each strap and loosen it as much as possible. Then take each strap and put it over your head so that it’s crossed in the front.

 Bra and strapless top


Step 2: Now that both straps are crossed in the front, you are going to lower the straps down below so that they hit the bottom of your bra and cross under  your cup.


And there you have it! Put a strapless top over it and you are all set!

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