Are Your Jeans Too Loose?

Good jeans can be so hard to find sometimes. They either fit too loose or too tight at the waist, hips, booty, or legs. The search for the right jeans can be exhausting, so here's a trick to tighten your jeans around the waist without a belt. 

Step 1: Take any shoelace and put it through the loops on the right side and left side of your hips, while avoiding the middle loop in the back. 

Step 2: Tie it in a bow in the back as tight as you want your jeans to fit.

Step 3: Once it's tied, you're going to tuck in the shoelace in the back of your jeans until they are completely hidden. Make sure to pull the shoelace all the way up on each side to avoid it being seen. 

And there you have it, your jeans can still fit your waist even if you don't have a belt!

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