Happy love weekend to all of our beautiful ladies❤️  Hopefully you spent it with your loved ones, whether it was your s/o or friends and family. Either way, we hope you spent it with serotonin levels high. And if you didn't, a package in the mail sure does the trick👀 Good thing Cleo Centric has a 25% off sale right now 😉

After having a weekend of plus ones, we thought we should show you our favorite outfit plus ones. Accessories is our favorite way to dress up or dress down any outfit. So here are a couple of our closet must haves.

Our first outfit is our Sarah bodycon midi dress in black, paired with all silver accessories. We love our sparkles and this outfit did not disappoint. First, we added our Emily hair clip and Jennifer hoop earrings. To finish off the look, we have the Mariam heart belt; being completely adjustable, it is great for accentuating your waist.

 Black bodycon midi dress, sparkly silver accessoriesSilver sparkly hoop earrings

Featured: Sarah bodycon dress, Jennifer hoop earrings, Emily hair clip, Mariam heart belt

Outfit number two has the same base, Sarah bodycon midi dress, but in green. This look will be paired with all gold accents. First we started with our hair accessory and chose the Tatyana headband. The elevated headband gives your hair extra volume without needing an actual blowout. And of course it has all the needed shine with it's subtle black rhinestones. Next we chose the Tina star pendent hoop earrings and Beth square necklace. Just simple gold accents to keep the outfit effortless.

Green midi ribbed bodycon dress with gold accessoriesGold star earings. star is hanging in the middle of the hoopGold necklace. Two squares that intertwine to create a closed necklace

Featured: Sarah bodycon dress, Tina star pendent earrings, Beth square pendant necklace and Tatyana headband


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