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Tiktok has been blowing up these styles hacks and we just had to try them and make them our own. Our Serena top is so versatile already, but we just found four new fun ways to change it up. We aren't math experts or anything, but with four colors to choose from and five styles to wear, that's 20 new tops👀

Okay so let's see these styles on! Check out our tiktok below for ways to wear these tanks!

1. Basic Tank 

Our Serena top comes in four colors: blue, red, white and black. Our square thick strap tank top is the perfect basic to pair with any outfit.

2. One Front Strap

For this style, you want to start out with the tank top normally. Then, with only one of the straps, put it over your head next to the other strap. Just like that, you created a one shoulder top.

Woman wearing a blue tank top and blue jeans

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3. Criss Cross Straps

Once you got the one sided strap, you can try this style! You'll start with the "one front strap" style. You will grab the strap you haven't touched yet then put it over your head having both straps cross in the front and back.

Woman wearing a blue Jean and red tank top with cross straps

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4. Add a Chain

For this look, you'll need a chain or some type of ribbon. First, you'll start with out the tank top on. Next take the tank top and lay it on your body with the straps coming along the side of your neck. Then you take the chain or ribbon and loop it through the straps, treating the top like a Necklace. Once you loop it, you will cross the straps and bring each side under your arm and through the side of the tank top; creating a ruched top along the sides. Once the chain is through both sides, you can tie it or buckle it in the back. And that's how you create a backless top using a tank top and chain.

Backless white top with chain

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5. Twist

The twist is the easiest of all of them! Just twist the front of you tank top once and put it on. Transforming the basic tank once again.

Woman wearing a black twist tank top and blue Jean

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Check out our tiktoks below! 
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