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Tighten Dress Hack

 Making An Old Dress Fit Again! 

We all have that one dress that we love, but doesn’t quite fit us. We found a solution that doesn’t need a tailor or any sewing skills. All you need are two safety pins and a string.

Step 1.

Flip the dress inside out and turn it backwards so that the back of the dress is on the front side of your body. Now you can attach the two safety pins, add them on both sides of the dress right where your waist is between your side and your belly button. Now take the string and pull it through each safety pin and tighten the dress to your liking.



Step 2.

Now that the dress is tight, you can flip it inside out and put it on like you normally would. The dress will be seamless from the safety pins in the back and fit snug. You have now tailored your own dress without any sewing!



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