Styling The Carmen Cardigan Three Ways


New Year, New Clothes Right?

Celebrate the new year by giving your wardrobe a refresh! Our Carmen cardigan is the perfect piece your outfit has been missing. With its silhouette fit and ribbed texture, it is hard not to wear it every day. So we came up with three ways to style it! Now if you do wear it every day, nobody will know…. Right?

  1. Belted

This look is our most classic, grab your favorite dress and belt. With your belt, you want to wrap it around the cardigan on your waist to create a more snatched look.

midi green bodycon dress with a chain belt. Paired with a long midi ribbed cardigan

Featured: Carmen Cardigan, Sarah Bodycon Dress

  1. Tucked

For this look, you will need a long skirt and a tank top. I crossed the front of the Carmen cardigan and then tucked it into my skirt, giving it a cropped illusion.

Black tank top and midi skirt. paired with long cardigan that is ribbed

Featured: Carmen Cardigan, Serena Tank Top, Lucy Midi Skirt

  1. Layered


This look is perfect for any outfit in colder weather! The Carmen Cardigan is thin enough to be layered under another jacket or coat, creating a warm trendy outfit!

ribbed cardigan and a coat 
Featured: Carmen Cardigan, Serena Top, Lucy Midi Skirt

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